Our Vision

Our aim is to be a world class supplier for chemical logistics, able to offer door to door solutions, with a strong focus on the production capacities in the Middle East as the heart of this business. S.A. TALKE can make use of TALKE’s competence in the design, the construction and the operation of logistic sites by using its European roots as a basis, complemented by the support and knowledge of its capable local partners and a GCC organisation.

TALKE supports the major product streams from the manufacturers in the Middle East to the end users in Asia and Europe by means of an extensive network. Targets will be reached by geographical expansion, local investment and intensive knowledge transfer. At the heart of this is the recruitment and training of local and expatriate employees, development of IT competence and the investment in logistical infrastructure.

Our Mission

Our customers are the focus of all our activities. We want to assist them in achieving competitive advantages by means of high safety and quality levels at an attractive cost level. We bring inspired added-value logistics solutions to our customers by listening to their demands and improving our processes. We measure our performance to ensure we meet and, wherever possible, exceed our customer's expectations.

We guarantee highest performance levels. We continuously invest in the development of our employees in order to give everyone the chance to achieve his maximum potential. In this connection we encourage everyone to play a pro-active role in the future development of our business by living an open-door policy and developing on individual strengths.

Bench marking our processes within the organisation and, wherever possible with our competitors, helps us to achieve best-in-class results. Collaboration with our suppliers in a true spirit of partnership enables them to meet the required standards for the benefit of all concerned.