GPCA Supply Chain Excellence Award for LAND Category

Responsible Care Authorization


Jubail | 24.12.2017

S.A. TALKE on Petrochem Logistics Challenges

As Saudi Arabia’s economy diversifies, S.A. TALKE is leveraging its watertight oil & gas on-site logistics experience as a platform for further growth in 2018.

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Jubail | 12.11.2017

S.A. TALKE in Refining & Petrochemicals Magazine - November 2017

Oliver Klingbeil, Managing Director - S.A. TALKE speaks with the Refining & Petrochemicals Magazine (November 2017 edition) about focusing on higher efficiency, automation and digitalization.

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PLF, Jubail Commercial Port | 25.10.2017

New PLF Record for Stuffed Containers per Day

With hard efforts and team work of every PLF SAT team member along with SSCS client support and cooperation, New PLF milestone has been achieved on 25th of October 2017 by stuffing 452, 40FT containers in a day

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