Value-Added Services

The name says it all: professional services extending beyond mere transportation and logistics to give products greater value. Receiving all of these services from a single source can prove to be a decisive competitive advantage.

Alongside safe warehousing facilities, S.A. TALKE Group also offers optional complementary services at all its sites. The most sought-after value-added services for the chemical and petrochemical industries include packaging and re-packaging.

We carry out packaging for our customers for all the usual packaging and container types: from silos and tankers to bags and canisters via big bags and octabins, and from large to small or from small to large packages, as required by the supply chain or market.

The exact packaging the market wants

This enables our customers to always deliver their products in the packaging demanded by their own clients, because the packaging requested by clients is not always necessarily the same as the production packaging.

Product sampling and refining

S.A. TALKE’s value-added services also include the sampling and refinement of liquid and dry bulk products. One regular process is, for example, the sampling of chemicals that need to be kept damp. In doing so, we can make material available to laboratories and auditors for testing, all without burdening our customers.

In short, thanks to our extensive value-added services, our customers can always react flexibly to the needs of the market, improve their supply chain reliability and boost their productivity.