Health & Safety

For S.A. TALKE, reliability and the highest possible quality of service have always been based on a high level of safety consciousness. This is because we represent an important part of our customers’ supply chains – and because we always make good on our delivery promises. To put it simply, quality and safety go hand in hand.

In order to follow this rule without exception, we're continually investing in faultless equipment and exceptionally well-trained staff.

Awards and certificates as proof of our outstanding safety levels

Our aim is to guarantee the highest possible level of safety – both for people and the environment – at all times, an objective which also directly benefits our customers and their business partners.

The S.A. TALKE’s safety philosophy provides a foundation for all of our company’s activities. It rests on two key pillars: carefully maintained, top-quality equipment and the on-going training of all staff members.

Bringing safety to life through BBS training

Safety is not simply a matter of training and practice, however; it must be lived. In order to make staff more safety-conscious in their daily work, S.A. TALKE has introduced the behavior-based safety (BBS) approach. Training sessions based on this principle encourage employees to ‘think safety’ and to always actively seek it out from day to day.