Alfred Talke

Logistics involves more than just transportation and warehousing. That’s why we offer a full range of specialized logistics services to the chemical and petrochemical industries. With our own fleet of vehicles to transport consignments, our own logistics centers, numerous value-added services and extensive consulting services, there’s no question that we can satisfy your specific requirements.

It all started with Alfred Talke Sr. With just one lorry to his name, he started out transporting consignments for neighboring chemical companies in 1947. Five years later, he unveiled his first ever self-designed lorry, developed especially for the transportation of acids and alkalis.

This readiness to explore new things and actively work to contribute to the success of our customers is still typical of TALKE today. We invest in our employees’ education and training, as well as in new sites and state-of-the-art equipment, in order to offer you the best possible range of services. Today, our services include standardized best practice solutions, as well as transportation, logistics and consultancy services tailored to meet your individual requirements – wherever and whenever you need us. Together, we can develop new markets and segments, and expand your operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our service portfolio is constantly being updated and expanded to ensure that it best reflects our customers’ needs and current market trends. As a seasoned, owner-led family business, we place great importance on achieving the highest possible standards of occupational and product safety, quality and environmental management – a fact reflected at every one of our sites and by each individual employee.

Al Jabr

Azmeel is the name of a diversified group of companies owned by the respected AL-JABR family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main principles and strategy of Azmeel are to offer a full range of construction, contracting and engineering services

AZMEEL Contracting & Construction Corporation, as a home company of AZMEEL Group is actively engaged in the diversified construction held all over the eastern province for a long time now. Our highly skilled manpower resource of more than 300 professional engineers in various disciplines, strong technical workforce with Inter-departmental coordination has yielded series of successful projects, where AZMEEL has set new standards while handling assignments for renowned clients i.e. SABIC aliates, Royal Commission, Saudi Telecom, SCECO, H.R.H. King of Bahrain, King Fahad Causeway Authority, Dammam and Eastern  Province Cement Company, Dammam as well as private clients and investors by executing gigantic projects.

As a broad range company, AZMEEL has contributed its professional skills and successfully undertaken variety of projects i.e. Mega Housing Projects, Commercial Projects, Shopping Malls, Chemical - Industrial Projects, O set Industrial Projects Cement Plants, Hospitals, High Standard Luxurious Palaces, Resort\Development, Sea Front Development, Ware Houses, Landscaping and Infrastructures, etc. In addition to these, our sincere endeavors have led us to execute various projects for the 17 SABIC alliances, inside and outside their plants is in turn, led to the major Housing projects for SABIC, projects for Saudi Electrical Company and Saudi Telecom Company as well.

This overall experience has given AZMEEL the confidence to compete with the European companies and gain the trust of His Majesty, the King of Bahrain. As a result, the company bagged the project for constructing the Royal Palace. In all our execution of construction & contracting sites, AZMEEL has earned the trust and confidence thereby eventually creating precedence in the construction industry.

During the recent years, AZMEEL has become as a major contractor for SABIC & the Royal Commission. Furthermore, AZMEEL is successfully doing industrial projects for Samsung, Hyundai SASREF, BECHTEL, FLOUR, JESCO and Danieli & C. Italy.


Saudi Industrial Services Company (SISCO) was established by group of  well-known Saudi Businessmen in 1988 with the aim to develop and invest in the national industry within the industrial estate. Today SISCO is considered to be one of the kingdom prominent companies, undertaken large scale capital investment in desalination  plants, free zone ports, industrial estate development and other key projects.

SISCO’s revenue as a holding company is mainly generated through its ownership in six subsidiaries, please see SISCO Group section for further details.

Our Vision
Our long term vision and broad objectives are to work hand in hand with public and private sectors for the prosperity of our national economy and development of industry, commerce and services.

Our Mission
We help support and develop the national economy by undertaking large-scale capital investment projects that include water, energy, sewage, wastewater, IT and communications. We also provide support services to industries with in industrial estates, as well as working closely with the public sector towards developing, operating and promoting in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf region.

SISCO demonstrates the highest standards and efficiency in all aspects of business in order to acquire a leading position in the relevant markets. The company is committed to operating in a healthy work environment that achieves maximum productivity and offers the highest returns for stakeholders.