Jubail | 01.04.2019

S.A. TALKE Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

S.A. TALKE is proudly serving the chemical and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia for 15 years.

The company’s unique business approach has become a mainstay of logistics in the chemical and petrochemicals sector winning major clients, MAKHLOUF BENZAHIA, S.A. TALKE’s CEO tells ABDULAZIZ KHATTAK in an exclusive interview with OGN.

Standing strong and celebrating its 15th anniversary, S.A. TALKE has reached a milestone this March for serving the Saudi market for over a decade and a half. Due to its wealth of industry knowledge and German/Saudi heritage, the company has gained its reputation as a world-class logistic service provider for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Proudly serving many industry leaders of the petrochemical industry, S.A. TALKE is currently operating over 14 projects with the total throughput volume of 17.5 million MT (as of 2018).

Established in Saudi Arabia in 2004, S.A. TALKE represents a strong partnership in its inception—between Saudi Arabia’s Azmeel group of companies and Saudi Industrial Services Company (SISCO) with their German partner ALFRED TALKE, a 72-year-old global logistics services provider. The company has since its early days established itself as a unique and reliable logistic partner in the chemical and petrochemical sector.

Over the past years, S.A. TALKE has seen a positive evolution, having expanded its footprint in Jubail, gaining new clients as well as growing with existing ones and having established a footprint in the Western Region. It has built a strong team of over 1,800 employees in Saudi Arabia proudly serving its clients every day.

In an interview with OGN, Makhlouf Benzahia, S.A. TALKE’s CEO says that this achievement didn’t come easy. “We had to really work hard in establishing a world-class team and make them focus on one objective – excellence! We are driven by a clear vision and shared goals making us function as one unit, our aim is to be successful everyday by adding value to what we do.”

He says: “At S.A. TALKE, we create a vibrant work atmosphere, we developed an environment where our people can reach their potential. And by investing in people, each employee has the opportunity to develop his skills and career with the company. Building our strong, successful multicultural team is perhaps the best way to celebrate S.A. TALKE’s 15 years of achievement in Saudi Arabia.”

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OGN March 2019 - Interview with Makhlouf Benzahia, CEO, S.A. TALKE

For the editorial teams
S.A. TALKE is a joint venture company between ALFRED TALKE group from Germany. The SISCO group from Jeddah and the Al-Jabr group from the Eastern Province. Established in 2003, S.A. TALKE made a pioneering move by entering the first on-site outsourcing relationship in the region.

Offering a full range of specialized logistics services to the Chemical and Petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia, S.A. TALKE ensures the highest standards of Safety, Service and Quality in all operations.

Leveraging on ALFRED TALKE’s European competence in design, construction and operation of logistic sites as well as capitalize on wide network knowledge, S.A TALKE provides supply chain solutions including on-site/off-site operations, packaging, storage, transport, complemented by a wide range of value added services focused on the logistics of chemical products.

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